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for Business
or Corporate 

peace, purpose, and profit
within your team

The most important role of your business is being the

being  being a


 vision keeper!


Ya, that is right!

You create that vision.
You hold onto that vision.
You lead your team with that vision.

Your team is the key factor to you achieving your vision, dreams, and goals. 

So many teams are not amplifying 

sales goals,

or th
e client's experience.

Could you imagine if you tapped into each team member's maximum potential so that they could fulfill their roles with power and purpose? 

Take a moment, imagine what goals and expansion you could accomplish. How would that transform your business's velocity?

Your dream team

amplifies their communication style so you all can be on the same page

amplifies their gifts to hit sales goals

amplifies how they operate best so they can be efficient

amplifies their personal leadership skills so they can fulfill their role better

amplifies trust in themselves and others so they can tap into the goals of your vision

amplifies the client experience with powerful energy

Your team amplifies
your vision.
They are a critical part of reaching your dreams and goals with peace, power, and purpose.


I coach you and your team to amplify their gifts through their Human Design. 

Your team has a collective Human Design.

This super power amplifies your team's ability to embrace peace, power, and profit.


is a private team coaching program.

What you get:

4- 1 hour team coaching sessions over 16 weeks.

A secret Amplify podcast with new podcast episodes released each week. 
Journaling prompts to amplify clarity, confidence, and courage.

A weekly group question for you and your team to answer to build more trust, understanding, and connection.

Beautiful Human Design chart ​
personalized keepsake for each team member. 

This package is for business owners with 2-10 team members.
Reach out to Courtney
here for a quote for teams with 10+.

  • Amplify

    Every month
    Valid for 4 months
  • Amplify PIF

    Discount for Paid in Full
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