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Coaching Services

Let's Get To Work!

BECOME with Human Design

  • Daily strategy-based texts specifically for your Human Design type.

  • A daily coaching question that you will respond to via voice memo that creates intense inner power. 

  • A monthly eJournal with your transcribed voice messages for you to reread, celebrate wins, reflect on overcoming challenges, and watch yourself BECOME. 

Atlas to Accelerate Course

  •  1-hour video with Courtney as your guide.

    • She deep dives into each Human Design Type. 

    • Gives you a roadmap of strengths, challenges, not self-theme, red flags, strategy.

    • Valuable insights that accelerate your life, business, and career.

  • A comprehensive 22-page workbook.

    • Each workbook contains instructions and exercises relating to each Human Design Type.

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