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A done-for-you enrollment offer to
sign early enrollments,
sway fence-sitters,
and to stack your offer.


Have you had these thoughts?

  • I need a bonus enrollment offer that is unique and special. 

  • I want my students to have huge mind set shifts, but I don't want to add more to my plate.

  • I know my program is special and unique but I need to offer more value to be competitive.​​

  • My students need coaching to help them transform their confidence, clarity, and courage.

Human Design uncovers the gifts you were born with.

Iridescent is a private podcast Human Design chart reading. 


Each episode covers a part of the chart and


includes direction on how to harness that gift for more


power, purpose, and profit.


What your client gets:

  • A private podcast with over 20 episodes.

  • Each episode dives into a part of your chart.

  • There are action steps for each episode to create intense inner power, belief, and abundance.

  • Each episode focuses on your gifts of​

    • Type

    • Inner Authority

    • Defined Centers

    • Undefined Centers

    • Profile

    • Strategy

    • Not-Self Theme

    • Gates

    • Channels

    • Signature

  • Listen on Apple and Google podcasts through a private access link.

  • Courtney will train live during your promotional period.

  • ​Courtney will train live during your promotional period.


  • Guest train in Courtney's community or do a social story takeover.


  • A Human Design masterclass will be provided for your curriculum.  


  • BONUS- 

    • You will also get a link to their podcast so you know their gifts are as well! ​This will help you coach them more effectively and personally.

What you get:

Remember, roll this cost into the pricing of your coaching program so you


are not actually paying for it.


A lot of coaches mark up their program even beyond the price of Iridescent


due to how robust their offer is.

$288 per student

Receive a 10% discount for paid in full.
Payment plans are available.

I want to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I coach my students utilizing their Human Design?

You will also receive your client's podcast link. You can listen to the episodes or quickly glance at the titles to see the list of gifts and statements. This gives you a sneak peak into their soul. It guides you to coach them more individually and effectively. 

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