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Human Design creates a map of your student's
strengths and challenges.  


Have you had these thoughts?

  • I need a bonus enrollment offer that is unique and special. 

  • I want my students to have huge mind set shifts, but I don't want to add more to my plate.

  • I know my program is special and unique but I need to offer more value to be competitive.​​

  • My students need coaching to help them transform their confidence, clarity, and courage.

Become For Coaches Only
gives your program and students more.

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For students (1).png

Remember, roll this cost into the pricing of your coaching program so you


are not actually paying for it.


A lot of coaches mark up their program even beyond the price of Become


due to how robust their offer is with 



You will not be charged for students who do not enroll in Become.


Want a free 2-week free trial to see if Become fits your coaching program?

only for coaches

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the onboarding process like?

For coaches:

1. Submit the above form and Courtney will contact you to answer questions and coordinate packages. 

For students:

1. Courtney and the Rise Team will onboard all of your students. This is done for you so you can concentrate on your program.

2. A google sheet will be provided for you to fill out your student's information.

Does Become help reinforce my coaching?

Your students will receive daily texts based on their Human Design type to increase their inner power to succeed!


They will also receive texts that reinforce the value of your coaching program.

If there is a certain question you would like to ask your students, I can work with you on that content.



MG, your power statement is, I create business leaps by leaning into my abundance of energy to get the work done. Vox, how are you seeing business leaps made with your coach/mentor strategies?

Pro, release the fear of being seen in your power, gifts, and wisdom. Vox, what progress have you made in the last year?

Are these daily Human Design texts and Voxering really helpful for my students?


Voicing messaging back through Voxer will retrain the mind and build new positive pathways.

Receiving daily text-based strategies accelerates inner power. 

This is not a one size fits all plan. It is customized to how each Human Design type operates. This magic creates daily micro-betterments that equal powerful results.

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