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Private coaching


Courtney Koenig


Manifestation-Human Design-Somatics

This is for coaches who

Don't know why they are not hitting their revenue goals-

You know there is something that is keeping you stuck. 

Don't want to be on the

entrepreneurial roller coaster-

You know the emotional ups and downs pull you away from peace and creativity...

Don't want another group coaching program -

You know that private coaching is the best investment because you get personalized solutions.

It is all about you.  


Don't want to be burned out, overwhelmed, and stressed out-

You know I get it. I was there. That is why I got certified and studied with world experts in Human Design, somatics,

and manifestation.  I use this tools on myself.

It is not that I don't have doubts, overwhelm, burn out, or stress.

It is just that I know what to do about it when it comes.

Inside Private Coaching

Private coaching focuses on

Creating more abundance 

What is really blocking you from bringing in more sales?

Hustling less
Why does your passion feel like hard work? 

Attracting your next client energetically
What are you saying energetically before you even open your mouth? 

breaking down fears
What is at the core of why you don't feel enough?

accessing your Phenomenon
What gifts are you leaning into to grow your business?


60 minute initial private session.

5- 30 minute private session. 

Unlimited Voxer support.

Journal with prompts for homework.

Personalized workbook of Human Design, Somatics, and Manifestation tools that work for you. 

This program is 12 weeks long to create velocity quickly.


  • Private Coaching

    Paid In Full- Get one session free
  • Private Coaching

    Every month
    Payment Plan
    Valid for 3 months
Private Coaching
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