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Become 2.0 

Don't let stress,
self-doubt, unhappiness,
and frustration
define your journey.

Rebrand Celebration!!!

  • Stress

  • Overwhelm

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Over-Thinking

  • Burn Out/Fatigue

  • Fear of Success 

  • Self-Doubt

Your business is being hijacked by...


you felt peace, power, and purpose in your business?

Really, what do you think would happen if the feelings of peace, power, and purpose were your daily BFFs?

When you are igniting power in your business, you must spark that power based on your gifts.

It is the fastest way to
expand your business!

Become 2.0 is personal development done YOUR way to maximize power, purpose, and peace.

Become 2.0 is mindset work that really works. 

You could keep trying to learn and grow on your own but...

It will take a while:


I have taken decades and invested lots of money so I can bring you expertise a streamlined and personalized path to overcoming blocks that keep you from success.  Why spend years struggling through trial and error when you can benefit from proven strategies and insights right now?

Your results won't be customized:


I have such a beef with the personal development space. they say do this or do that and everyone it will work for everyone. Guess what? The missing piece is that your journey needs to be personalized or you won't get the results you need. My system is based on your personal gifts through Human Design and strategies to lean into those gifts even more.

It will take longer to take action:


The format of Become 2.0, combining training, workbooks, and coaching, ensures you're not just passively absorbing information but actively applying new strategies to your life. So many people stay in learning zone, but I create action. This personalized action accelerates your growth so that your mindset become strong.

You can change but you will plateau:

The most critical part of development isn't the initial insight but the lasting change that comes from consistent action and support. Become 2.0 is designed to provide ongoing support, so that your  transformations are not just fleeting but foundational to your continued growth.

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Reband Cele

Are ready to Become?
Here is what you get with the monthly membership:

A monthly theme-focused training in a private podcast that you can listen to over and over again.
Value: $800

Private access the video recording if you prefer to watch it.
Value: $500

Access over 100+ trainings that are in the Become private podcast.
Value: $1000

A monthly workbook where you will be guided to transform.
Value: $250

A monthly 55-minute group coaching call.
Value: $1200

Total Value: $3750

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No risk- Try it out and cancel anytime. 

  • Become 2.0

    Every month

As a gift to you, you will also receive a Become 2.0 Bundle
emailed to you after you gain access.

Become 2.0 Bonus Bundle:
Destroying Thoughts by Human Design Type Video

Become 2.0 Phone Wallpapers

Manifest What You Really Want Video

Bonus Gift for You!

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