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Event Experiences

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I was invited to go to Cabo for a retreat.

I felt my intuition pulling me to go there.

You guys, I don’t travel easy anymore. 

My MS really does a number on my fatigue.

I get so sick when I overdo it. 


But my intuition was right!!


I had no idea that one weekend would do.

It condensed 6 months of work, progress, and clarity into 3 days.

I knew that I needed this, I was just scared.

We linked arms together and it was amazing!

Human Design, Manifestation, and Somatic coaching for
retreats, VIP days, and conferences


I can do a lot of things to create a transformative experience for your event. 

  • Human Design One to Ones

  • Meditation

  • Cord Cutting Ceremony

  • Intention Setting

  • Breath Work

  • Manifestation Visualizations


  • Dallas- VIP Day 

    • Meditation with over 200 participants.

  • Nashville- Conference 

    • Human Design break out group and main stage with over 1000 participants.

  • Cabo- Retreat 

    • Cord Cutting Ceremony with industry leaders.

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