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Step 1
Get your Human Design chart. It is very important to use the exact time and location of your birth. 

Step 2
Watch this!

Or follow the graphic below!


Watch this:

You may need to pause the video after each step in order to complete the action.
Or you can follow the graphic below the video.

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Quick Links...

📲 VOXER- Courtney's Voxer Profile

☮️ Human Design Chart- Get it here

What If...

I don't know my human design type?

  • Follow this link to grab your Human Design chart. Please enter birth time EXACTLY using the 24-hour clock.

I don't know my time of birth?

  • Request your birth certificate from government vital records.


  • Ask your family for information about time frames. Was it morning, afternoon, or night? This will narrow it down. Use your best guess on the chart to enter the information. Change the time to every hour that you are estimating to see what different charts come up. Then look at my blueprint and see which type resonates with you. Follow your intuition or muscle test to settle on one of those charts.


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