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The Velocity Method

The Gold Standard Self-Development System

Starts week of February 26, 2024!

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The Gold Standard Self-Development System

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Choose to pay monthly, or opt for the
12 month annual plan and receive 2 months free!

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This is for People who

Want to master their personal power-

Your personal power looks different from other people's power.

You need know what your personal power looks like for you.

You will find out what gifts you were born with. 

Want peace and power at the same time-

Yes! You can have both! Peace is the greatest source of power and purpose.

You will coached on how you access personal peace and how to have more of it.

Trust me, your subconscious mind is manipulating away from peace.

Want lasting Self-Mastery over your mind-

You want a your mind to embrace compassion, curiosity, patience, positivity

and to know when it doesn't how to get out of it.  



want clarity to expand and scale- 

That is why I created the Velocity Method. I use this exact method on myself.

I have built a business with clients in 7 countries.

It is not that I don't have doubts, overwhelm, burn out, or stress.

It is just that I know what to do about it when it comes.

The Velocity Method

12 Month Value Break Down

To facilitate personal power in each phase you get access to: 

Positive Intelligence App Access

Value $2985

  • Gain access to the world renowned PQ app that will be part of your daily practice to support your velocity.  

The Velocity Workbook

Value $1494

  • This is a toolkit filled with MORE worksheets, journals, and information to support your velocity.

Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

Value $3900

  • I lead a sessions that dive deeper into each of the Velocity pillars, do live chart readings, and more things that support your velocity.

Network and Make New Business Besties

Value $984

  • Small collectives will be formed so that you can connect on a deeper level and link arms during this journey to support your velocity.

The Velocity Method Secret Podcast

Value $5400

  • All the content is delivered through a secret podcast. Each week there will be new episodes released. Tune into the podcast while you are working, walking, driving. It make learning and changing so fun and easy!

Total Value: $14,763


  • Velocity Extended Growth

    Every month
  • Velocity Extended Growth

    12 Month Discount
Opt for the annual plan and receive 2 months free!

What are clients saying about Velocity:


Accredited through ACOP

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