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The Velocity Method Masterclass

This is important!

You can already begin your Velocity Journey right now.

Grab the Velocity Now Bundle! 

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What is it?

It is a bundle of my favorite
Human design, Manifestation, and Somatic Tools

so you can create Velocity now!

The bundle includes

Human Design

Destroying Thoughts by Design

Are you blowing past your red flags?



Do You Want Something?

Abundance Boost for Each Human Design Type

5 Lock Screen Abundance Wallpapers 



Breath Work Workbook

Massive Success Mediation Formula

  • Velocity Now Bundle


Manifestation-Human Design-Somatics

This is for coaches who

Don't settle with their current skills level-

You know you can always improve. 

Don't want to keep charging their same Prices-

You have to justify why you are worth more...

Don't know how to help their clients make lasting changes-

You know clients expect you to read their soul and

figure out what is wrong with them. 


Don't want to be burned out, overwhelmed, and stressed out-

You know I get it. I was there. That is why I created the Velocity Method. I use this exact method on myself.

It is not that I don't have doubts, overwhelm, burn out, or stress.

It is just that I know what to do about it when it comes.

Velocity is

a toolkit of the best practice of
Human Design, Manifestation, and Somatics. 

Instead of you having to curate tools and get certified in everything,

That sounds so overwhelming!

All the tools you will ever need in one place!
Yes, all in one place!

By the way, it is a healing journey for you as well.
Thats right! All these tools and practices will help you with
burn out,
never feeling like you are doing enough,
the roller coaster of emotions that comes with being an entrepreneur,
feeling so tired because your business is running you instead of you running it,
and managing the stress of the pivots and market changes.


Website (8).png

Become a certified Velocity Method Coach

through this certified and accredited program.

  • This program includes

    • 4 Phases- Release, Redefine, Rewire, and Recreate.

      • Video modules that deep dive into each phase.

      • Toolkit for each module.

      • Journal for each module.

      • Exact formulas for you to use in your private and group coaching.

      • Your own massive mindset shifts so you can have the business of your dreams.

    • Human Design training focused on the most impactful tools to help you and your clients.

      • Inner Authority- The pathway of how you make decisions best.

      • Profile- A sign of how the world sees you and how you see yourself.

      • Strategy- A GPS to how you make things happen.

      • Not-Self Theme- Your warning sign when you are not aligned.

      • Signature- A sign that you are living aligned and powerful!

      • Cognition- Your strongest sense that guides you to manifest more. 

      • Specific or Non-Specific- A guide to how you create abundance.

      • Undefined Centers- A guide to the gifts you can curate. 

      • Defined Centers- A guide to the gifts that you always have.

      • Gates- A map of the gifts that you were born with.

      • Channels- Another map of more gifts and strengths that you were born with.

      • Type- A roadmap of your gifts and how you operate best.

    • A manifestation system that really works!

      • Self Awareness Model

      • Belief Ladder 

      • How to Work with the Mind's Gate Keeper

      • Universal Laws

      • Barrier Buster Formula

    • Somatic practices that are the super hero's of calm, clarity, and courage. I will give you the exact practices to recreate this for yourself and your clients.

      • Money Mediations

      • North Star System

      • Tapping

      • Breath Work

      • Cord Cutting Meditation {Forgiveness Meditation}

      • Movement Release

  • Twice a month group coaching Q&A

  • Networking with other high levels coaches.

  • Certified Velocity Method Coach media kit to market yourself.

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