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Cash Flow Positive

Your business is being hijacked by...

  • Stress

  • Overwhelm

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Over-Thinking

  • Burn Out/Fatigue

  • Fear of Success 

  • Self-Doubt


Life as a female founder can be a rollercoaster – filled with highs, lows, and everything in between.

Your thoughts block or open the way for abundance.

And guess what? You can control your brain being hijaked!

If I can do, you can do it too! 

Let me teach you how!

My start in coaching started with a 0

I had just settled into my career and never thought owning a successful global business was possible for me. One day, I felt an urge to step into coaching, but I was so intimidated and didn't feel like it was my place. I launched my first program, and no one enrolled. I took it very personally. Around the same time, I discovered Human Design, and it felt like life fell into harmony. After experimenting with it for about four months, I realized I wasn't broken and decided to launch a Human Design-focused program. Within six months, it was in six countries. Since then, I've added many mindset tools to my programs and studied with world leaders to bring you the best mindset training for abundance with power and peace.

Let me help you be cash flow positive!

You can keep doing what you have always done BUT...


It will take a while:


I have taken decades and invested lots of money so I can bring you expertise a streamlined and personalized path to overcoming blocks that keep you from your success.  Why spend years struggling through trial and error when you can benefit from proven strategies and insights right now?

Your results won't be fast:


I have such a beef with the personal development space. they say do this or do that and everyone it will work for everyone. Guess what? The missing piece is that your journey needs to be personalized or you won't get the results you need. My system is based on your personal gifts through Human Design and other strategies that create fast results.

You won't have the change you want:


This is not just a course that you hope you will open and finish. It will not just sit on your list hooping you will do it.I have included 3 months of my group coaching program. You will have access to Become 2.0 which has th mindset mastery membership. It combines training, workbooks, and coaching, ensures you're not just passively absorbing information but actively applying new strategies to your life. So many people stay in learning zone, but I create action. This personalized action accelerates your growth so that your mindset embraces all the success you were born for.

AND I have a huge way for you to make more money right now! 

I am gifting you Master Resell Rights to Cash Flow Positive so you can make money right now! Here’s how:

  1. Include Cash Flow Positive in Your Coaching Program

    • Boost your credibility by saying, "I partner with Courtney Koenig, a worldwide mindset and personal development coach." This brings a lot of validation to your program and enhances your offer.

    • Just download all the videos and workbooks and upload them into your platform.

  2. Offer Cash Flow Positive as a Bonus for Your Potential Clients 

    • Add extra value by offering this as a bonus when clients sign up, making your offer irresistible.

  3. Guest Coaching

    • If you want me to come and guest coach, just message or email me. It's a great way to add even more value to your program.

  4. White Label It

    • I’ve got it white-labeled so you can put your branding on it and call it your own. Follow the workbook, make a short video, or just use the workbooks as is.

What you get:

Each module is packed with valuable resources to ensure your success. You will receive a training video, a comprehensive workbook, and a journal for each section. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials. Here’s a breakdown of what's included:

Activate Your Sage For Success Module

Training Video: Unlock the power of your inner sage.

Workbook: Practical exercises to activate your success mindset.

Journal: Reflect and track your journey to success.

Radical Self Love and Trust Module

Training Video: Cultivate deep self-love and trust.

Workbook: Steps to build and reinforce self-love.

Journal: Personal reflections and progress tracking.

Overcoming Fear of Success Module

Training Video: Break through the barriers of success.

Workbook: Strategies to overcome fear and embrace success.

Journal: Document your fears and how you conquer them.

Recognizing Gifts and Opportunities Module

Training Video: Identify and seize your unique gifts.

Workbook: Exercises to uncover and leverage opportunities.

Journal: Note down your gifts and the opportunities you find.

How You Make Things Happen – Human Design Strategy Module

Training Video: Discover your unique strategy with Human Design.

Workbook: Detailed guide to implement your Human Design strategy.

Journal: Track your actions and results.

From Controller to Surfer Module

Training Video: Transition from control to flow.

Workbook: Techniques to let go and go with the flow.

Journal: Reflect on your journey from control to surfing life’s waves.

Limiting Belief Buster Module

Training Video: Smash through limiting beliefs.

Workbook: Tools to identify and break limiting beliefs.

Journal: Record your limiting beliefs and your breakthroughs.

Scripting for Success Module

Training Video: Create a compelling script for your success.

Workbook: Step-by-step guide to writing your success story.

Journal: Script your goals and achievements.

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